About Us

The Incubadora Tecnologica Luzerna (ITL) centre was instituted by the Law 866 from 27th of October, 2009, as an extension of the town’s Economic Development Secretary. The project was developed with the support of Foundation for Funding in Research and Innovation of Santa Catarina State (FAPESC) and the Regional Development Secretary of Joacaba, being inaugurated in August of 2010.

ITL Campus is installed in what was once a Franciscan seminary and has 550 thousand square meters of area for development of companies with high aggregate value products, processes and services. It is currently attending to ten technology-based companies. Ongoing projects aim to increase this capacity by next year. In 2004, the structure was purchased by the city of Luzerna, and already in 2005 several activities were put on site. The development has large green area and has blocks to practice sports, grotto, chapel, nature trails, public library, museum, accommodation and other spaces. It is in this environment that in 2010 the ITL was placed. At this time, the business innovation centre has projects already installed on the areas of health, agribusiness, software and electronics. When the installation of a company in ITL, the entrepreneur receives physical space equipped with basic IT infrastructure and furniture with electrical installation, water, telephone and internet. The incubated company has the supporting services conducted by the administration of ITL, as well as a meeting room and an auditorium with capacity for 140 seats, equipped with audio-visual resources.

Partnerships with institutions of education and research, as UNOESC, SENAI and IFC, nurture the entrepreneur with access to laboratories, equipment and technological services at a reduced price.

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Covered region

Luzerna is in the centre of the Contestado Metropolitan Region, a conglomerate of neighbour cities that together counts for a population of 500.000 inhabitants. The city is in a conurbation with Joacaba (the headquarter of the region) and Herval D’Oeste, counting together with around 60.000 inhabitants.

Luzerna hosts a campus of the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina (IFC) and also one of the National Service for Industrial Education (SENAI), and the neighbouring town, Joaçaba , with National Service for Commerce Education (SENAC) and the West University of Santa Catarina (UNOESC), recognized institutions of third level education. Its economy has strong foundations, with emphasis on the Food sector, the increasing development of industries and the great diversity of trade. Luzerna , Joaçaba and Herval d'Oeste hosts a regional airport, several hotels, schools (public and private), theatre and concert halls, recreation areas and three hospitals, one of which is located in Luzerna (St. Roque). The state of Santa Catarina as a whole stands out for its high levels of development, and this special region is signed by high life standards based on a good housing, good incomes and sustainability.


  • To encourage and promote entrepreneurship and technological innovation, acting as the bridge of scientific knowledge and businesses;
  • To contribute to Luzerna’s and Region development;
  • To provide support and facilitate the formation of new companies from cooperative projects between the incubator and public and private entities;
  • To support the growth of excelling projects in the incubator operation area;
  • To support new companies so their products, processes and services originated from technological research can effectively reach the global market;
  • To develop business skills of new entrepreneurs;
  • To support the capitalization of new companies in the incubator ;
  • To encourage the transfer of technology;
  • To promote by itself, or collaborating, courses and training for new entrepreneurs;
  • To expand the relationship with the external community providing opportunities to exchange knowledge and experiences;
  • To facilitate the incubated companies access to services and resources, technological support and technical support of institutions for implementation and management of new business enterprises;
  • Provide space, facilities and basic services infrastructure to incubated companies subject to conditions and obligations set forth in the Participation Agreement in the Incubation Shared System sealed between the entrepreneur and the ITL.