Get to know ITL Campus start-ups:

ODEME Dental Research

Sales and production of solutions for Dental Research and product development for health. It also provides advice on product and machinery development, design and prototyping services.

www.odeme.com.br | odeme@odeme.com.br | (49) 3521-4016

Salus Dermatoglyphics

Develops products and services in dermatoglyphics, which is a method for observing the fingerprints as a genetic signature and that can be used on the sporting talent orientation, exercise prescription, prognostic and health promotion.

www.salusdermatoglifia.com.br | rudy.nodarijunior@salusdermatoglifia.com.br | (49) 3521-2425

Altem Technology

Develops monitoring, control and automation technologies.

www.altem.com.br | altem@altem.com.br | (49) 3522-5786

JND Construction and Technology

Develops technologies and solutions for road engineering, traffic control, radar, electronic spines, among others.

www.focalle.com.br | fabiano@focalle.com.br

KSM Innovation

KSM engaged in developing technologies and innovations for automation of general services.

reginaldo@organizacoeslimger.com.br | (49) 3522-5786

Newonyk Engineering and Automation

Specializing in industrial development, provides high-level technological innovation solutions that combine mechanical design, industrial automation, control and new equipment.

www.newonyk.com | adautofantin@newonyk.com | (49) 3522-5786


With dedication to the development of unique software for dentistry, Icon System has a work team consisting of systems analysts, programmers and dentists that within a participatory development system work in permanent contact with clinics and their respective users.

www.iconsys.org | contato@iconsys.org | (049) 3522-5786


TRICAM acts as developer and seller of renewable energy technology solutions. Develops small wind generators and frequency inverters, both for the production of electricity to residential and small business consumer.

adriana.camarotto@gmail.com | (049) 3522-5786

New Medical Technology

ospital Materials Commerce. Engaged in the development, trade and import of materials for medical, surgical, hospital and laboratory use.

(49) 3522-5786 | (49) 9826-4480.


Provides customized solutions for wastewater treatment for many different segments, envisioning possibilities that meet the expectations and the results required by all environmental agencies, national or international, using clean technologies and always contributing to the construction of a more sustainable world.

werjen@werjen.com.br | (19) 4062-8464